Suggestion: auto open next in library

Could there be an option or default to open the next title when finished with a title, rather than going to library only? Would make it much more convenient to work through my library. Forgive me if this has been suggested already, I couldn’t find a direct post on topic.

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding what you’re meaning, but when you swipe to the next page after finishing a title a little prompt comes up saying something to the effect of “next title” and then beneath that “return to library”. Clicking next title then just takes you to the next chapter / volume / book in the sort - is this not what you’re after?

The popup has a large section with Continue Reading? on top, with a thumbnail of the next file in the sort. Clicking on that just clears the prompt.
Below that is “Return to Library” - clicking that takes you out to the library.
Below that is “Continue Reading”, and that’s the one that takes you to the next file.

It took me a little while to understand that “Continue Reading” didn’t mean “Continue reading the same file you’re in”, and that clicking the thumbnail wouldn’t take me to that file.

Oh! this is great feedback. It’s a bit confusing indeed.

Nonetheless, the next version of Panels comes with a new Continue Reading, and that modal is gone!

The new Continue Reading doesn’t have any UI. When you reach the last page, you can drag some more, and the page has a bit more resistance. If you surpass a threshold, it takes you directly to the next comic in the collection.
Also, now it allows you to go to the next comic or back to the previous one.

We have rewritten the whole feature from scratch, and it now works with comics at the root level of the library and when you open a comic from Reading Now.

We just released a new beta, including this feature. Give it a try, and let us know what you think.

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I’m in - oh wow, yes that feels great. When I use the same drag I usually do for page turning, it snaps back, and I know I need to do it with purpose to get to the next file. Seeing the arrow helps a lot.

And the sorting is working - thanks!

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This doesn’t seem to be working for me. Is it only for the local library or is it supposed to work with Komga (and other OPDS servers) as well? I believe that I am usng the current Testflight version;
Support Info:
Version: 2.15.0 Build: 202304031422 Env: Production (Testflight)
Support Identifier:

My testing was with a local library.

It only works with the local library at the moment. Making it work with remote content will require more work. We plan to add it at some point, but it’s a bit more complicated.
We can infer the collection from the comic with the local library because we know the folder, and it’s easy to calculate the next/previous title.

But there is no easy way to do the same thing from a remote server. If you open a comic from Reading Now, for instance, we don’t know where the container the comic is in. Also, if you open a comic from “On Deck” or “Keep Reading”, the next/previous comic in those folders are not the next/previous comics to the one you are reading. Figuring them out is way more complicated. On top of that, it involves an asynchronous request over the internet, which can fail, and we would need to add some visual error feedback.

We still need to evaluate what would be the best approach. Maybe using the servers’ REST API (wouldn’t solve the problem for all the OPDS servers)… we’ll see.

As a side note: not all of the Panels features can/will be ported for remote server libraries.
Hopefully, we can port this one at some point.