Continuous Reading Using OPDS

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New to Panels. I tried searching the forum for this answer and what I found was “yes, continuous reading exists.” However, does this need to be enabled? I’m not using vertical scroll mode, just Standard and I’m unable to tap to the next issue. I will mention I am doing this via the OPDS service with Komga. Maybe continuous reading only works with locally stored copies?

Panels Version 2.15.3
iPadOS 16.4.1

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I believe (going by my experience using Ubooquity OPDS) that continuous reading is currently only for comics downloaded to On My iPad, OPDS feeds don’t have the feature (yet?), even if you download them in place

That is correct. For now, it only works with local content.

Here are some thoughts I posted about continue reading + OPDS

We want to add support for it, but it’s not easy. OPDS does not support such things as next/previous title. We can solve that, by attaching a reference to the feed and finding the next/previous title ourselves.
But the main problem is that “next in the feed” varies depending on the feed. If you open the comic from “On Deck” on Komga, the next comic will be the next on “On Deck”, not the next of the series.
And that makes the feature pretty much useless IMO.

We might have to use the server API to get the right comic. But that would mean we would have to create a different implementation for each server (Komga, Kavita, Lanlaragi, Codex, …). Also, maintain them.

It’s a big blocker.


Thank you for the quick reply. I was looking up “continuous reading” in the search and didn’t see the the “auto open” post. Apologies!

If I’m understanding correctly, if the feature was made as it stands now, it would only work if you access it from within a Library > Series > SeriesX > Issue 1, Issue 2, etc. where it could continue from Issue 1 to Issue 2 within that Series but wouldn’t be able to continue outside of that Series because that’s the nature of the OPDS feed. If that’s the case I suppose it would make a whole usability mess since users wouldn’t understand why it would only work when selecting from within a Series and not from Continue Reading or On Deck.

Well you’re certainly right about it being a blocker. That is a whole lot of work there that would likely result in multiple API calls to lookup what’s the next issue in a series when continuing from anywhere to pull the next issue. At the end of the day, I wouldn’t blame you for keeping the feature for local sources only.

Thank you for the explanation!

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