Request: Apple OCR Support

Hi, is there a possibility to use the OCR from the photos app/ spotlight of iOS 15 in panels? Would be handy to be able to define text on screen or search etc

Thanks for the feedback @Ajay.

As far as I know, Live Text from iOS 15 is not open for developers. It’s just a feature in Apple apps.

Live Text works in Photos, Screenshot, Quick Look, and Safari and in live previews with Camera.

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But it seems to come now with iOS16, really excited what you guys can say about a possible implementation of it in the near future. You can’t imagine how often I already tried to mark a text to translate and remembering that it worked only in Apple own applications yet (Safari, Preview, Mail, etc.). But the new LiveText-API sounds promising.

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We are super excited about this too.

The new iOS 16 API looks promising. We’ll give it a try soon :wink:

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