Renaming comics and other suggestions

Hey, first I would like to say that your app is great! It has single handedly gotten me back into comics after a couple of years. I am a little OCD, so having comics organized and displayed so nicely really motivates me to read them in the first place.

I am not sure if maybe I can’t find this in the app but is there a way to rename comic files which have already been imported into Panels? I also tried renaming a comic in the default iOS Files app but this does not work and makes the file unreadable in Panels. In general, since imported comics show up in Files anyways, it would be great if all renaming/management could be done there but Panels would somehow need to detect changes or reload its database when relaunching.

On a sidenote, I’m prettty sure you cannot import from the Files app. For some reason if you “Send to…” from Files, Panels opens but nothing gets added to import page.

Also, I noticed that you cannot add multiple comics to the app at once. Maybe this is a limitation of iOS but I use a browser with file manager to download .cbr files and it would be great to select more comics at once and have them show up in Panels inbox. Right now only one shows up even if more are selected to “Send to…” comics.

P.S. I am currently in the trial period and am dreading the fact that since I currently live in Serbia I can’t link my Visa to iTunes and buy the app. And I know I will have to put up with ads until I travel to the UK and buy an iTunes topup card just for your app!

Hi @Crysik

Thanks for your kind words.

Unfortunately, there is no way to rename files in Panels, yet .
You are absolutely correct, if you change the filename after it being imported, Panels won’t find it because it won’t match the path stored in the database.

We have plans to improve files management in the future, but adding that kind of features without adding complexity to the interface is tricky. I can guarantee that this will come eventually, but I can’t give you a timeframe.

We’ll implement something to make Panels more resilient and allow external files name modification. I know that this is not the ideal solution, but at least will allow you to edit your files :wink:

About importing from Files app. This is definitely a but that we were not aware of. We’ll give it a look and fix it ASAP.

Another thing that just popped up after the last update. I added a comic and it didn’t go in alphabetical order.

I noticed that I accidentally moved one collection and ever since then new collections start in alphabetical added above my previous collections in the GUI. Any updates coming out where you’ll have a drop down for sorting in alphabetical order or read vs unread and such?

Thanks for being an active developer that reads these!

Hi @Krazedjer211
We did have in mind at some point adding some kind of sorter.
As you noticed, right now collections are always sorted alphabetically but as soon as you manually move one comic, it changes to manual sorting.
We haven’t had any complaints so we stopped thinking about it but it makes sense to have some kind of UI element for sorting. We will think about the best way to implement it. Thanks for your feedback.

Any timeline on sorting? My library is in shambles and honestly I stopped using panels because of it. My library is all over the place every time I add a comic.

Next release 1.10.0 will be all about improving the Library. I can’t give you a time-frame but improving sorting is something that will definitely be working on for the next release.

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@Krazedjer211 sneak peek of the next release including new sorting options. Any feedback is welcome :wink:

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