Any plans to add more options for importing?

Any plans to add more options for importing ? I want to be able to import my comics from my network drive without having to use another first.


Absolutely, but we are focused on other things at the moment. It is important to us, but not our main priority.

What other import method are you missing? What is exactly your workflow? Are you talking about importing files from a NAS in a local network?

I have my hard drive plugged into my router I use chunky to import it from the router then copy it into panels.

Got it :+1:
Can’t give you a time frame but we’ll add it.

No rush glad you guys stay in contact and keep improving the app.

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I second this feature request. Importing from a network share or ubooquity is a must have for me. I run a headless media server so the less I get on it the better. I just started using panels but already miss the import capabilities of chunky. The features of panels are fantastic. Keep up the good work.

Ubooquity support is coming very soon :blush:


La posibilidad de importar desde carpetas compartidas en el ordenador serĂ­a GENIAL.

The possibility of import from shared folders would be GREAT.

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We will be adding support to ubooquity and you can also use airdrop to share files from your computer.

Me refería a una opción de acceder a carpetas compartidas en el equipo en la misma red donde no sea necesario tener una aplicación ejecutándose en el equipo (como ubooquity) ni haya que estar al lado del equipo (como AirDrop). Sólo acceder a esas carpetas para importar los cómics desde el dispositivo iOS sin tener que levantarse del sofá. :smiley:
I mean a shared folders in the same network option where it is not necessary to have an application running in the computer (like ubooquity) and you don’t have to be near of the computer (like airdrop). Just access the folders to import from the iOS device. :smiley:

I’m trying to import from my use c drive plugged into my iPad. It works on folders that have few cbr files in it but is flaky with large number of cbr files, I select all 204 but it only copies about 68 of them then just stops.

Any ideas and or fixes for this

We will have to take a look at Files importer.

As a workaround, you can open Files app, and copy-paste your files from your external drive to Panels’ documents folder. Then open the app and wait until all files are processed.

We really need better ways to import comics. I now have 4 iPads with hundred of Gb of Comics to import and there is not elegant solution to do it in bulk.

Thanks for the feedback.

Given that Panels now offers access to its container, our recommendation is that you use to import large numbers of files into Panels.

Adding more import methods is not a priority at the moment because we think is powerful enough to cover most of the use cases, and it’s more beneficial for everyone that we focus our efforts on implementing other features.

I hope that makes sense.