[Feature Request] Split page view

Hey there, want to start off by saying thanks for this great app.

I’d like to request a feature (and I’ve seen that this was requested a while ago here for splitting page view option.

Currently, some of my images look like this, and while it works if I hold the device horizontally, I’d like to read it in portrait mode and it feels like I’m wasting a lot of screen space.

The way I think this could be done is to set an option for each book to read it in split view and only split the image if the image width is greater than the height, and maybe a global option to automatically do this for all books. Is this features something you could still consider implementing?

I just got panels+ and can see that there is a similar option (zooming to fit height), but it’s still a bit cumbersome. Is there a way to treat a single image as two pages instead of auto zooming?

Hey @inwon
Thanks for the feedback. We will consider it, but I’m afraid it sounds unlikely at first sight.

We don’t have a way to know whether a landscape image is a group of two pages or an actual landscape page (like in the comic 300).
In my opinion, those two pages you are showing should never be grouped in one image. It should be the reader app’s task to group them or not.

Sometimes, a comic contains one or two pages to show a single piece of art or something like that. I think it’s okay because most of the time, there is not much text to read in those cases. But in this case, those should be two pages, and the comic is incorrectly edited.

We recommend editing the comic file outside Panels and re-import it for the best experience.

As you mentioned, we already offer two modes for making the most of the screen space. But trying to patch an incorrectly edited comic from the reader is a stretch.

I hope it makes sense.

Sure, thanks for the quick response!

Thanks for the great app.
I also desire this function. It would be greatly appreciated if simple splitting of horizontally long images in the middle could be treated as two pages. Tachiyomi, an Android app that supports OPDS, has an option to automatically split horizontally long images when turned on. I hope you will consider implementing this feature.