[Feature Request] Double-Page Handling

Hello, I’m a new user of Panels, and I’m genuinely impressed with this fantastic app. I’d like to discuss the possibility of incorporating certain features that could enhance future versions.

[Usage Scenario]
I use Komga as my comic management tool and leverage Panels’ OPDS feature for streaming reads. Many of my comics are formatted in double-page spreads, which are not just two pages joined but also include across-page enhancements. This layout significantly improves the reading experience on large screens. However, when I try to read these comics on my mobile during short breaks, the double-page format becomes cumbersome. I often need to zoom in to read effectively, which slows down my reading pace and detracts from the experience.

[Proposed Solution]
I’ve noticed that there are some makeshift solutions in Panels that somewhat address this issue. Currently, I zoom in to a fixed magnification that fits half a page perfectly across the width of my mobile screen. However, this method compromises the page-turning experience, reminiscent of physical book flipping or webtoon-style reading. Given the modifications made for across-page enhancements, creating single-page versions for mobile isn’t feasible, as I still prefer the double-page format on larger devices. I wonder if it would be possible to enhance the zoom feature to automatically split and magnify the double-page spread, then adjust the page-turning effect accordingly.

Additionally, I’ve noticed that there have been similar requests in the past here

After exploring various comic reader apps, Panels stands out as the best in terms of user experience. Whether or not this feature is feasible, I deeply appreciate the developers’ efforts.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to any possibility of this enhancement making it into future updates.

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Hello @kk_kirito

Thank you for posting and for such well explained feature request. I do agree with Dani’s response on that other thread you link to. Although it is a good point that it will help reading landscape comics on iPhone.
We will discuss the possibility of implementing it in the future internally.

Have you tried “Fill Screen” preset? I now it does not have page curl animation, but allows you scroll sideways with the page filling the entire screen. I hope that helps in the meantime.

Hello @victor
Thank you for responding to my question, and I apologize for the confusion in my previous description (I used GPT for translation).
I tried ‘Fill Screen’, and it indeed seems to solve my problem. Additionally, I tried ‘Zoom Lock’, but it appears to function differently from what I expected. ‘Zoom Lock’ allows me to fix the zoom level, but after locked, I can’t view other parts of the page,is this a bug or a feature?

I understand it may be confusing… now that we have “remove borders”, zoom lock does not add much.
Zoom lock allows you to zoom in and lock the zoom at that level, so all pages have the same zoom level. As you mentioned, once you lock zoom, you can’t scroll internally anymore. That feature was good for eliminating page borders, for example.

I understand~ thanks for your reply