Comic Pages Not Loading

I have never had this problem until today, flipping thru comics and many pages do not load, the screen is black. If I flip to the next page and go back, it will finally load.
The only thing different was I upgraded to iPad OS 14.8.1 last night.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @22nijuni :wave:

Can you share what version of Panels are you using?

We recently released a 2.9.3 build that should fix the problem. Let us know if you’re using the latest one and we’ll investigate the problem.

I’m using 2.9.3.

Is this happening with all the files? What are the files type (cbz, cbr, pdf)? What is your device model?

Feel free to send us one or two files to and we’ll try to reproduce the problem.

I have the same issue, though I have had it over many versions of Panels and iOS from time to time. Overall the issue seems to pop up more when my iPad is very low (<1GB) on storage.

Files are .CBZ, different file sizes (from 80MB 160 pages to 600 MB 190 pages) and behavior is pretty random of when it happens.

In my case it is an iPad Pro 12’9 first generation, though with only 32GB storage hence the fact that is often full.

:thinking: interesting…

The app assumes that there’s always available space. Actually, even if there’s still some hundred MB free, iOS can reject disk writes. The apps can’t use the whole space, only whatever the system allows.

So this might explain this behavior.

We’ll try to reproduce the problem and see if we can come up with a solution. Thank for the additional context :raised_hands:

The files I’ve seen with issues are CBRs. I was having the issue while reading horizontally, and sometimes only the left or right page would load, with half a black screen.

Upon turning to vertical mode, when it happens I noticed it is when it goes from one page to a two-page spread. Every time.

I am using a 2021 iPad Pro 12.9, 512GB. I have 158 GB free, so it’s not a storage issue. I thought perhaps it was a new CBR I added, but it’ s happening on an older comic I’d already read with no issues. And it’s not happening to every file either.

But as I stated earlier, I have never run into this problem before today, and the only thing I’ve done different was update iPadOS 14.8.1.


Any luck? This is rendering the app useless for me. Too many comics are shown as black pages.Mainly splash pages, but also sometimes the page before and/or after.

We haven’t been able to reproduce the problem on our end. But we just released a beta version that includes tons of logs to try to understand what’s going on.

Could you install the latest build 2.9.4 (202111151215) and use it normally? :pray: every time a page fails to load we’ll record information about why it failed. That should give us enough information to track the error down.

I installed the beta. I don’t see any way to get the logs exported though. Do you automatically get it as part of telemetry, or do I need to do something manually to export them.


Yep, sorry I should have clarified that. The logs are part of the telemetry. Simply use the app normally, hopefully, we’ll get the information we need from those logs.

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