Comic Pages Not Loading (2.11.2)

Might be too late to mention, but this is still happening in the current version (2.11.2). Since I was just writing my own post, I saw this in the suggestion window and figure I would put my findings here.

Usually the right page will remain black until one of these happen:

  • go to another page and back
  • go out and back into Panels app
  • close and reopen the comic

Happens when switching via swipe since tapping to change pages seems inconsistent now (not sure why, could be another issue on its own). I have only noticed it happen on the right side while going through the comic. Has happened on many, but not all, comics. It happens with page animations on and off and is more likely when going through pages faster. All files are .cbz (store method without compression) of varying sizes.

Hey @baconcow

Could you send us a screen recording to understand the problem better? Also, could you give us some information about your device?
I assume we are talking about local comics, right? not Streamed from an OPDS server.

I’ve tried reproducing the problem on my iPhone 12 and iPad Pro and they seem to load pages just fine.

Also interesting in knowing more about that “inconsistency” tapping the edges of the pages you mentioned. Could you please create a new thread describing the problem? :pray: