Zoom notification suggestion

Whenever I zoom into a page, a small notification at the bottom pops up saying “Zoom lock is disabled. Lock Zoom”. It is a very annoying pop up as I don’t need to be seeing it every single time I pinch the page which I do often when I read comics. Please add a way to disable this notification. Or instead of the pop up you can add a separate button for those that want to use zoom lock. Thank You!

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What you describe is in fact how it worked in previous versions, and it has been changes to this pop up. There’s no option today to disable the lock zoom functionality but that’s actually not a bad feature request.

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We are making zoom lock an optional feature in the next release. We are still figuring out how to balance the discoverability of that feature and stop annoying anyone who’s not using it.

But shortly, you’ll be able to disable it and zoom in/out without seeing any popover.