Zoom lock to hide page borders

Make an option to lock a page in position to remove borders and have that lock maintained between pages, at least the letters increase a little more.

If you double tap on a page it will fit to the width of the screen and stay locked. Is this what you need?

Increase a little more then lock in that resolution to hide the black borders and maintain this position through the pages.

Could you send us a screenshot to know exactly what do you mean by “black borders” ?

when i start to read a comic,

zoom in to increase a little,

lock position and turn page,

letters increase significantly, allowing a better reading.

We can’t do that because if you zoom in like that, some parts of the page in the vertical axis will be out of frame. Some comics like that one have a safe area, but not every comic or page will have it.
Letting the user zoom in manually and locking the screen would add a lot of complexity to the interface. We’ll give it a thought and will try to find a way to offer something similar. But we have other priorities at the moment.

My recommendation is that you enable “fit to width” mode by double tapping the page and read the comic on landscape. Or that you use the long tap zoom.

We are working on improving the Panels View, and also we are investigating ways of detecting the text and zoom them. But for the moment, the most convenient ways of reading on a small screen device is using one of the methods listed above.

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I would actually love this option. Some of what I read are digital editions of daily newspaper comics and those pages have a lot of white space around the edges. Zooming in on them makes the art so much easier to read and paired with vertical scroll it’d be perfect except for sliding around the frame of focus. A lock icon to tap that would preserve that page zoom throughout the title. It’d be the perfect reading experience.

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Not a bad suggestion. We will think about how to implement it. Thanks

Buenos días, justo estaba buscando esta característica y veo que no la soportáis. Vengo de Comic Zeal que tenía un bloqueo de zoom muy fácil de usar y permitía eliminar todos los bordes laterales del comic. Al hacer clic en la parte derecha cambiaba de página automáticamente y mantenía el zoom bloqueado durante el resto del comic.

Si el zoom era superior a la vista de la página entera, el primer tap en la parte derecha desplazaba la vista hacia abajo para ver el resto de página. Era un método sencillo pero muy efectivo. Ahora que he pasado a Panels lo echo de menos y con el desplazamiento en scroll vertical ya debe ser una maravilla.

¿Os podéis volver a plantear el desarrollo de esta funcionalidad?

Gracias y saludos.

Hola @insaid

llevamos un tiempo trabajando en esta funcionalidad y estamos muy cerca de poder publicarla. AĂşn no estamos 100% contentos con cĂłmo encaja con el resto de UI y estamos puliendo los Ăşltimos detalles. Pero esperamos poder publicarla pronto.

Hi @insaid

we’ve been working on this feature for a while now, and we think we are very close to being able to publish it. We are still not 100% happy with how it fits in the existing UI and we are still polishing the last bits.
But we hope to be able to release it shortly.


Finally happy to see this feature introduced, I hope that the update is imminent.
Thanks to the programmers.

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I hope that we can have some news this week regarding this particular feature ( borders trimming). :pray: :crossed_fingers: :heart: