X-Callback-URL + Example

Hey, I’ve made a shortcut for downloading manga (legal, unlicensed manga translations) and I think it would be nice if Panels would support x-callback-url so that my shortcut could automatically add all chapters of a manga to Panels. Right now I need to share each manga individually, open it in Panels, save it to a collection, go back to shortcut and repeat. This would make things much easier!

Example URL:

Hey @stacph
I think this is a great idea. I’ve always wanted to do something with shortcuts + Panels since shortcuts came out.
Can you share your shortcut here? I am not sure if we will be able to fit this into the next version, but I will certainly take a look.

Thank you for this nice suggestion!

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Glad to hear that! I have it one ShareShortcuts with a short description or you can use the iCloud download link

Wow @stacph this is better than I expected!
Can you give me your twitter handler? I want to tweet about this awesome shortcut :smiley:

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:smiley: Sure, thank you! I don’t use Twitter that much but here’s my handle @hinapupina