Wrong page is occasionally loaded

Reading in single-page, right-to-left reading mode, sometimes (very occasionally, rare enough that I can’t pin down a pattern to it), the reader will display the previous page instead of the next.

For example:

  • On page 100
  • swipe right, expecting to see page 101, but page 99’s image is displayed.
  • swipe left twice, view actual Page 99
  • swipe right twice, actual page 101 displays.

This happens so infrequently that I can’t give much more information than that. Is there any way to enable a fine debugging log to gather more information?

Thanks!! We’ll look into it!


This happens with me as well, and not too infrequently… If I can add something, maybe the pattern I could reproduce it more frequently is a little bit different than yours:

  • On page 100
  • Swipe left, view page 99 (and this is my culprit, I go back)
  • Swipe right twice, see sequentially page 100, and then 99 instead of 101.

And as you said, playing some back and forth with the pages occasionally bring back the “right” page here as well.

@Bruno Can you give the latest version 2.12.9 a try and let us know if it made any difference? it contains a lot of fixes and improvements, and I think this issue is fixed :crossed_fingers:

For sure. I read something yesterday (with the app already up-to-date) and didn’t notice anything unusual. I’ll let you know if the issue happens again.

Thanks, man!

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