Why do some of my CBZ,CBR flies show up like this?

And it doesn’t let me view them through the app.
I add them to panel via google drive and the iCloud. Can you guys help me figure this out?

I’m not one of the developers, but when this happens to me I change the .cbz (or .cbr) to .zip, unzip it, and open the folder to see if there are nested folders going on inside. If there are I place all the pages (images) into the main directory and zip it back up, rename the .zip to .cbz and give it another shot. Even if everything seemed fine, sometimes simply re-zipping it fixes the problem. Occasionally (rarely), the problem will be that the image files are in .webp format. The solution for that is to convert them to .jpg. On the Mac, the app for that is XnConvert (I wouldn’t know what the Windows equivalent would be, but Google it). Also, I’ve had this happen when the images, or at least the first one (the cover image) is too large of a file, in which case you reduce it, rinse and repeat.

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P.S. It’s nice to know I’m not the only person reading Gwenpool.

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Thank you for that, @joecunningham

@Comicnoob84 you can contact us via email (panels@produktstudio.com) to send us a file so we can take a deeper look, but usually the answer is one of the few that @joecunningham pointed out.