What's new in Panels 1.8

Hello everyone!

Panels v1.8 is finally finished. We have submitted a new beta version (will be available shortly) including all final changes and it will be available in the app store early next week.

Panels premium

We have introduced a new in-app purchase. New users will no longer have the option to pay for removing the adverts. Panels will still be free in the app store and people will be able to use it for free but with a few limitations:

To become premium, 1 time payment is needed. There are 3 options so people can choose how much want to spend.

Existing users that paid for Panels

Don’t worry, we love you and we appreciate you have supported Panels since the very beginning. This is why we have upgraded you to Premium automatically :slight_smile:


If you are premium, you will now have the option for giving us a tip. As you may know, we are only 2 developers working on Panels. We don’t want to make people subscribe to use our app but we want to give people an option to give us a tip at any time. Receiving any kind of tip will really motivate us to keep going and will really help Panels improve.

Panels View

As you might have tried on the Beta, now it is possible to turn on Panels View for a “panel-to-panel guided view”. This feature is still being improved and it will keep getting better. We will appreciate if you help us improve it by sending us comic pages where the panel detection is not good enough.

Premium Themes

5 new themes are coming :smiley:

Share page

Swipe up to share a page, that simple!

Import folders

you can now drag a whole folder from Files.app or iTunes (via USB), Panels will suggest a new Collection using that Folder’s name.

Many other minor improvements have been added to this release. It is a very big release and we are very excited about it. We hope you like as much as we do :blush:


Sweet! Thanks for the update! Do you happen to know when the sorting feature may go live ( for sorting the collections).