What's new in Panels 1.6

It’s been a while since the last version, but we’re sure the wait would have worth it.

We wanted to make Panels much more stable, so one of our primary goals in this release was to reduce the crashes and improve performance.

New features


We’ve added Spotlight support. Now your titles will appear in your iOS search without having to open Panels.
Drag down from your main screen iOS and search for any comic title, you will see a list with all your Panels’ comics. Just tap any of them to start reading!

Zoom control

Reading on an iPhone might be tedious if the font on the dialogues is too small. Zooming is great but having to zoom in and out all the time isn’t that much. We think we have a better solution. Just long-press and hold while reading a page and it will zoom in automatically. Move your finger around without releasing it, and the page will follow. Release it, and the page will automatically zoom out. Everything with just one hand! Perfect for reading on the bus or train.
Check out this video to see it in action:

Improvements and bug fixings

  • Navigating through the library has never been smoother. Try it yourself!
  • We’ve detected that some CBR files made the app crash and we’ve fixed that.
  • If you use collections and the recently read shortcut you’re going to love this one. Now you can keep reading the next issue in that collection even if you opened it from recently read.
  • The library search is now case-insensitive.
  • Other minor bugs have been fixed as well.

Panels 1.6 is currently waiting to be reviewed by Apple so it shouldn’t take longer than a few days to hit the Store. We really you like it!

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Wow I am excited. I definitely like what you guys did with the zoom feature.

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