What font does Panels use?

I am curious what font you are using for Panels’ user interface (the font used in collection titles, etc.). I am using dummy .cbz files as spacers to go between major categories (too bad we can’t create tabs for major categories) and I would like my text to match the application’s text. What is the name of the font? Thanks, Joe

Hello @joecunningham
We use the new apple system fon, San Francisco.

You can download it from here: https://developer.apple.com/fonts/

Thank you for the font name. I hope I didn’t come off as snarky with the tabs comment. I’m aware that adding an additional directory depth to this thing is, for whatever reason, something you’d love to do, but it presents a challenge to something fundamental in the app such that you’re still wrestling with that. Once you’ve got a solution you’re ready to implement, tabs would be a very graceful GUI approach to presenting that additional functionality. There’s room for tabs already in currently vacant space: alongside the main heading “All titles” with its little down arrow. Additional heading titles could appear (in grey) to the right all in a swipeable row. Tapping between tabs lights up that tab’s title and “All titles” goes grey when not chosen. Every heading besides “All titles” would be user-created by tapping the “Create tab” command (alongside “Import files”) in the plus + button. Tabs (with the exception of “All titles”) would have an “Add a collection” command. Individual tabs can be passcoded. Just as a for-instance, my tabs would be: “All titles” (everyone has that one) “Graphic Novels” “Anthologies” “Story Arcs” “Limited Series” “One-shots” “Main Collection” “Strips” “Underground Comix” and “Adult.” These sections delineated themselves over the last few weeks of organizing a very large collection for the first time into an iPad. There are many other tabs I could see people creating. Manga or Zines, for instance.

If the solution you come up with to this issue allows for more than one additional directory level, then the GUI for a third level would be to simply present collections as stacks the way you already do, but allow stacks within stacks to however many levels. A stack in this app is the same as a folder icon and adding directory depth functionality shouldn’t change that. But you already knew that.

Adding tabs would be huge for this app. I just wanted to plant that little seed. Love your work.

No worries @joecunningham

We take all of our users feedback very serious and yours is not less important. Actually, it’s already in our list.

We’re still thinking about how could it be implemented, both from the design and technical standpoints.

We want to keep a balance between keeping Panels as clean and simple as it is, but enabling more pro-features like this one. Implementing a feature like this implies not only some technical changes in the library, but might also require a complete redesign of the collections creation screen.

Please bear with us. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed when we get to the right solution :wink:

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It’s good to know this will happen eventually. I’d guessed that was the case and wanted to suggest my best-case user interface scenario.

If you create only one additional organizational level, do tabs first because a large collection will divide into major categories. There are several universes of comics each quite separate and distinct from each other, and you don’t want your Manga anywhere near your R. Crumb underground collection. In fact, putting a wall between them, which tabs effectively does, would be nice.

Some will use tabs to separate Marvel From DC, but not me. Too risky. Where would I put Batman vs. The Punisher?

If your solution allows for more levels than one, then stacks in stacks in addition to tabs.

But I’ve suggested that already. So there you are.