Weird double page behaviour

Hi, I remember when in default reading mode, you could put the device in portrait to select the left page shown in double page mode (landscape mode)

However, I can’t seem to do that anymore. Was this feature removed intentionally? If so, this is pretty much a dealbreaker since a lot of comics I have won’t show the double pages in proper order. Please fix this.

Yes, seems to not work for me either.

I thought it was built into the way In which you switch between portrait and landscape. Swipe in from right in portrait, the page stays on the right in landscape mode.

There’s no setting for it that I could find.

Thanks folks. We’ll look into this asap.

We haven’t removed that feature. If it’s not working might be a regression.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


I’d love to be able to use this feature. Read about it for the first time in the change log. Am still unable to figure out how to make this work.

Edit: figured out that the feature works but only for left to right readers. Doesn’t work for right to left users (manga direction)