View resets when zoomed-in on double-page reader

This is a really rare situation, so I don’t think it’s particularly high priority, but I observed a strange behaviour and thought I’d put it in here so that you could look at it whenever you are working on that part of the code.

  • Reader in double-page mode, right-to-left
  • Swipe right to advance to a page
  • Do the “two fingers on the screen, spread them out” gesture to zoom in
  • Swipe right, not to view the next group of 2 pages, but just to view the left-hand portion of the currently zoomed-in page

This will cause the view to reset back to un-zoomed as soon as you reach the left-most part of the page. Doing it a second time will work as expected.

This does not occur if, before zooming in, you swipe right very slightly. I think that the view must un-zoom when the next page is loaded into memory, or some other calculation related to displaying the next page.