View downloaded comics from external libraries while offline?

So maybe I’m just dumb, but I’m having a problem. I’ve started using Favorites to bookmark series folders on OPDS, and the “Download” function to download them in place (not copying them to my On My iPad). This way (especially with recent read status for OPDS libraries) I can easily keep track of what issues I’ve read, and new issues show up ready for me to download.
So the issues are downloaded on the iPad, but as far as I can tell the only way to access them is via the OPDS feeds - which is a problem if you are away from the house without internet, as the feed won’t load. So I have a bunch of comics that are on the iPad, but I seemingly can’t read any of them unless I also have an internet connection at the time, which is not ideal.
Is there something I’m missing? If not, it would be nice to have some way to view comics you already have downloaded outside the On My iPad library, without having to connect to the server they’re from.

We will look into it. OPDS requests should be cached so you can navigate your server without an internet connection.

@FrozenTrout could you try the latest version 2.15.4? It should fix the issue. Let us know if it works for you.

Seems to work now!

I do have a related question (maybe I should make a separate thread), but what happens to downloaded-in-feed comics if you then delete the favorite bookmark, and unlink the server in settings? Are the files deleted, or do they stay downloaded but with no way to see or delete?

At the moment, they don’t get automatically deleted.
If you unlink a server and link it again, the files will be there for you.

They are considered “cache”, and you can delete all the caches from Settings > Storage. But that will delete all the caches in the. Including thumbnail caches, requests, etc…

We plan to improve the downloaded files management. But for now, the feature is quite basic.

Got it, thanks!

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