Vertical Scroll mode causing crash (iOS 13.1.3 - iPhone XS Max)

Hey there. Started using Panels a few weeks ago and it’s been fantastic. However, I noticed about a week back that Vertical Scroll reading mode (my preferred) is causing the app to crash…basically anytime I pull open a comic. Doesn’t seem to have any issues on the home screen or options. The only way for me to be able to work around it currently is to open a comic and quickly tap the top corner to change the reading mode. Even then it crashes, but upon reopen, works fine in any mode other than Vertical Scroll.

Appreciate any help! Thanks again for a great product.

Hi @thekevsta

We are very sorry about this. We are investigating what can be causing this, as we haven’t changed the vertical scroll reader in a while. We are unsure if this is something related to iOS 13 or something else.

We’re investigating it and working on a fix.

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