Vertical Scroll issue with Kavita streaming


Has anyone else run into an issue when using Vertical Scroll and streaming from Kavita where the pages won’t load after a decent amount of scrolling? Returning to a page view will remedy the situation, but is rather frustrating to be half-way through a reading session and for it to crash out like that.

Just curious if anyone else has run into it and if so was there any remediation you were able to put in place?

This is a known bug, and we are looking to fix it in the upcoming releases. It affects all of the readers, regardless of whether you are streaming or not.

Scrolling the pages so they go offscreen and bringing them back into the frame works around the problem.

We will try to fix this soon.

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Thanks for getting back to me! Good to know it’s on the radar and isn’t something unique to my setup.

Are there any updates on the fix for this?