Vertical scroll “glitch”


So, I discovered that when I zoom out while using the vertical scroll mode on landscape (I don’t like the Dynamic Island covering content and I feel panels are too wide in landscape), the panels “snap” to the left side of the screen.

This creates two problems:

  1. If I want to zoom back in a little bit, the panels are asymmetrically cropped due to the rounded corners of the iPhone

  2. When I zoom in to fit the width, the panels don’t fit the whole screen: there’s a black bar on the right

I’m on an iPhone 14 Pro if that matters.

Thank you in advance.

Also, I forgot to mention, but I think this is caused by panels changing size for some odd reason when switching to the landscape view.

Both pages are tall ones and are supposed to be the same size. However, all the following panels are now smaller and aligned to the left. When I scroll down and then back up, all panels without exception are now of a smaller size and aligned to the left which in turn leaves us with an uncentered view.

Thanks for the detailed information :pray::pray::black_heart:
We will investigate. :man_detective:

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Hi, it’s me again,

So, I just noticed another problem when vertical scrolling which might be related to that glitch from before.

When you reach the end of a file, the reader doesn’t go to the next file and we can indefinitely scroll down a void. The problem is fixed when you exit the file in order to reset the zoom and reader. It also persists briefly when you go back to a portrait view.

Finally, if, for whatever reason, you zoom out on the last page of a file, it skips to the next chapter which can be quite annoying.

Anyway, thanks for your work guys

Peace :v:

Thanks!! yeah. the vertical scroll has some issues calculating the size of the scroll. it’s all the same problem. We are working on it and hopefully can fix it soon.

Thanks for bearing with us

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@iPeanuts curious if you have already upgraded to latest 3.2 version, where we rewrite the vertical scroll from scratch. Let us know if you have any feedback!