Vertical scroll constant lag in loading images

I’m using Panels on an iPad 6th Gen 128GB (with 61.37GB free), iOS 14.7.1. Panels version 2.13.4.

I’m experiencing a very frustrating lag in loading images when using vertical scroll. A few images will load, but the rest will be missing, I scroll and wait, 3 or 4 will load, repeat, repeat.

This is a new issue. It occurs on titles as small as 87 pages, or as large as 650 pages. I’ve tried closing the app, and rebooting my device.

Unfortunately this is rendering a lot of my library unreadable :frowning:

Thanks for any help (and for the app, I couldn’t be without it!)

Sorry for the bad experience.

Our big next project is to rework the readers. The vertical scroll performance is subpar and there are also some other issues with the rest.

It’s going to take us a few months to get there, but hopefully we can release a set of more robust readers in early 2023.

Thanks for bearing with us :pray: