Using Files or any kind of server as your library

Display all comics in a folder in library and continue scanning for any new files. If possible read from, if not just display them, and when clicked it downloads the file.

I’m wondering if this is being considered by the devs. Just like Comicat on Android, it displays all your comic books/manga from Google Drive in library form. Then just download the ones you want to read.

We are definitely considering something similar to that. But transitioning from how Panels work at the moment to having something like that is not trivial at all.
Also, Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other cloud service wouldn’t provide cover images and all the comics would appear without a cover. We don’t like that idea, so it’s very unlikely something like that would happen…

But we are considering allowing users to configure their comics folder as they wanted and using iCloud Drive to store them.
We are also considering adding support for Komga and improving Ubooquity’s implementation with streaming support.

All of these features will require a lot of work. Please bear with us.


This would be great with SMB support.

TBH, just to be able to monitor a shared folder and download from it manually/automatically.

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