Uploading Comics Via Web Server Failed Getting Retrieving Contents of / or Failed Uploading (Title)

I decided to allocate an iPad I got for Panels and Comics. I tried using the web server and I am getting the failed errors randomly while uploading 400gb worth of comics from the past decade. My questions are, is this normal and how to do I upload them again because I can’t go through 400gb worth of comics one by one to see which uploaded and which didn’t?

Hi @mikozee

I don’t think there’s a good way to solve this, to be honest.
I would recommend that you use a more reliable method for importing large numbers of comics.

We use an open-source web server, and I don’t know how resilient it is when importing such big amounts of data.
Also, anything can happen in that transfer. The connection can come and go, your wi-fi can experience micro cuts…

Connecting an external USB drive and copying your files into Panels using the Files.app would probably be much more reliable.

Dani I have a few questions.

The whole of last week the web server botched many of my attempts to import 400 gb worth of comics by randomly disregarding certain letters of titles (it would import all if not most of the titles starting with C then skip all the other letters until it does the same with the letter M etc.) I now have a broken amount of imports that skipped titles usually based on letters etc. Will reimporting using the files app give me duplicates? Also, how is sorting handled? Is it still sorted by date of index or file creation?

I’m asking this because I don’t know if I should delete all data and reimport from scratch or just use files.app to import what wasn’t imported by the file server. I need your advice because I might be doing this for multiple iPads because my other iPads have panels registered with a different Apple ID and I want to use my main one from now on. However, I will experiment on this using my newest iPad which doesn’t have any other content except for comics (I don’t want to create numerous “Others” data in my other iPads leading to a reformat).

how is sorting handled? Is it still sorted by date of index or file creation?

At the moment, it’s by index date. which is wrong. We plan to change this shortly and use the file modification date.

I’m not 100% sure how Files.app would behave. But I would assume that if you try to copy everything into the Panels folder using Files.app, it would duplicate the files.
I just checked, and the webserver duplicates the files too. It adds a (1) suffix to the files when the filename is taken.

Is it best if I just start over and use the file app? How do I do this?

Do I just delete Panels or do I need to erase all content and settings on the iPad?

I have gotten a lot of (1) (2) … (x) files using the web server even though I cannot find duplicates when scrolling.