Updated to version 3.2.0 - Panels has reset my subscription and cannot restore previous purchase

Hi Panels community,

I’m a yearly subscriber, but having just updated Panels to 3.2.0 I’ve noticed that my premium features are now all reset. I’ve logged back into my account that was used to purchase the subscription but I cannot restore or even subscribe again.

Not sure if this helps or confuses the situation, but I was initially on the monthly subscription that gave me the 7 day trial, but I had then changed this to yearly within the subscription section on iCloud after 3 days, so the yearly subscription came into effect after the 7 day trial, but when I looked at the upgrade panel from before, it had me marked down for both monthly and yearly at the time, but my final choice of subscription was yearly and now I don’t appear to be restore that and my app is back to the basic mode.

Can I get some help in resolving this issue please? Thanks.

Please, reach us at support@panels.app using the “Contact Us” button in the app settings, so we can find your subscription and see what’s going on.

I assume you’ve tried using the “Restore Purchases” button. Also, did you install the 3.2.0 Beta or update from a previous AppStore version?

Thanks Dani. I’ll do that. I’ve tried using the restore button, but it keeps on saying “Couldn’t restore any product”. If I then to select the yearly plan, it then says “You are currently subscribed to this” and only gives the option to manage and then a message to say “Something went wrong”.

The app was downloaded from the official App Store, but under a different ID (which acts as the main app store ID I share with my brother). I purchased the subscription under my own ID, before switching the store back. I’ve done subscriptions under my own ID while the app itself was initially downloaded from the main app store ID and have not had issues with other apps.

Thanks for looking into this.

Thanks to Dani for helping me resolve the issue. Apparently you need to download and purchase from the same ID.

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