Unwanted automatic page advance and reverse

I’ve been noticing another strange behaviour when in landscape (2-page) mode. It gets progressively worse over time and is temporarily “solved” by killing and re-launching the app. I have video, but can’t upload it here so I’ll try to describe it:

Setup: Book is right-to-left. iPad is in Landscape mode, 2 pages displayed. Let’s say 101-100 (101 on left, 100 on right).

  • Swipe right. The app animates a transition of the pages sliding off to the right and displays 103-102 (as expected).
  • Touch nothing
  • After a short delay, the app switches to display 104-103 (that is, not the next 2-page group, but halfway there) without any transition. The graphic just switches in.
  • After a short delay, the app returns to 103-102, again without any transition.

The “short delay” above gets worse and worse over time. When I first notice it, it’s barely a flicker, but gets longer and longer until it’s a second or two. Eventually it will get stuck on the “104-103” step above and never return to “103-102”. Killing and relaunching the app eliminates the behaviour for a while.

Thank you for the detailed information. I think I’ve managed to reproduce the problem.
I’ll try to find a fix shortly and share a beta here so you can confirm if it’s fixed.


FWIW, I believe I’m experiencing the same issue and with the same set of conditions.

I thought it was related to me reading through OPDS, but perhaps not?

Regardless, thought of sharing that tidbit in case it helps :slight_smile:

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Can you folks give the latest beta a try and let us know if it made any difference?

We need to investigate this issue further, but we have made some changes in how we calculate the size of the pages to group them correctly in the Double Page reader. I’m unsure whether it will completely fix the problem, but I’m hopeful that it will mitigate it.

We plan to run this beta for a couple of days or a week more. We will be able to react much quicker because we won’t have to wait for Apple Review.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Unfortunately, it didn’t completely solve the problem for me, although I may have some more information.

I was all set to say that the problem was fixed. I’d had to flip through hundreds of pages in a half dozen books to get my place back in the books (I’d lost my database during the upgrade) and everything was great with no sign of the problem.

Then I tried to adjust the spread to the “opposite grouping” by flipping the iPad vertical, reversing three pages, and flipping it horizontal again. On the very next page turn after the iPad was horizontal again, the problem came back.

It’s very possible that this was coincidental, of course. It’s also possible that there is some resource leak somewhere and switching back and forth between 2-page and 1-page mode accelerates this leak. I don’t know about the internals of the software to know whether or not I can discard this as a useless piece of information, so I thought I’d pass it along.

Incidentally, these are all books that were local on the iPad, and not streamed (though downloaded through OPDS).

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Thank you so much for the information. Will try to reproduce the problem by reproducing those steps.

By the way, I should point out that this build does seem to have fixed the problem of the app displaying the back cover when switching between portrait (1-page) and landscape orientation.