Unable to get comic page to full-screen

For the past few days I have been unable to lock the comic pages to full-screen. Usually I would double tap the screen and the page would go to full-screen but now the page gets a bit too big and ‘wobbles’ as I (vertically) scroll down. Anyone else have this problem?Thanks!

Hello @Tuggle
From your comment it is not clear if you are using the vertical reading mode. If so, you can zoom in to the desired zoom level (by pinching the screen), then tap at the right top corner, and select zoom lock. That will prevent any horizontal movement and just allow you to scroll up and down.

I hope that helps

Hi there.

Thank you for your quick response!

Yes, I am using the vertical scroll but I’m not having problems with the zoom, really.

Up until a week ago I would double tap and the page would fit the screen perfectly and I could scroll up and down without the page moving side to side.

Now, however, when I double tap, the page is too big for the screen (like in the attached picture) and when I shrink it down to fit the screen and zoom lock the page will still move side to side. It is like the full comic page is not set to a phone screen that is large than mine, like the aspect ratio has changed. It hard to explain…. Just wonder if there has been an update that may have affected this? Thanks.