Unable to complete subscription

Hi Team,

I’m new to panels and wanted to subscribe panels+. When I try to upgrade the plan I’m facing an issue. Payment was through Apple ID, during the process the app redirects me to approve autopay on my UPI app and return to the previous screen. After approving the autopay when I return to the payment section it’s say processing for a very long time and it’s not completing the payment. I have tried thrice and the response is same on each time. Could you please help to resolve this issue.

That’s quite weird. Have you had this issue with other apps/subscriptions?

iOS AppStore handles everything that happens between tapping the purchase button and the purchase completion.
There must be something weird going on between AppStore and your payment processor.

You might have to contact Apple support.

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Issue’s resolved now. Thanks for the reply. Initially I tried to upgrade through my Ipad app. After facing this issue, I tried the same from my Iphone and it worked.

I’m glad it’s sorted out! thanks for letting us know