UI Addition - File Names / file count

When tapping the middle of the page, it brings up the page thumbnails, and allows you to see the time / date / battery life.

Would it be possible to see the File Name as well ? Maybe near the page count ?

I try to name files to include the year and if it’s part of a crossover, and will check to see the issue number etc during my reading to check my progress.

example: “Generation Next 001 (1995) (Age of Apocalypse 007)” / Page: 1 of 22

Also, when looking at a folder’s contents in list or grid mode, it would be nice to see a folder & file count

example: [Folder Name] / 4 Foulders, 5 Files


I agree. I think this it’s an excellent addition

I would like this feature as well.

Thanks for the feedback, folks!

Sorry I didn’t answer in this thread. I forgot to do so, but I read the message, and we plan to add this soon. We are working on some visual changes for the readers, and showing the title is one of them.

The same goes for showing the folder information. We will probably add this at the bottom. Similar to how Apple does it in the Photos and Files app.

Any word on this as a potential update ?

It’s on the roadmap. We just haven’t reached it yet.

Any update or eta on this ?
Just curious. Still very pleased with the product.

Yeah… I would also like to see such a feature. :fist: