Two pages side-by-side?

Is it possible to view two pages at once in Panels? I’m using the TestFlight version.

I read old Japanese games magazines from that come as cbz. So two-page view would also need to work well with right-to-left.

On macOS I can find viewers that do this, but not so much on iOS. I’ve been using an old iOS app called Comic Storm which does two-page view, but the pages don’t join together and two pages are in the wrong order (swapped) when using right-to-left.

Any help appreciated.

Hey @matt ,

We are working on this already :blush:
We are trying to make this right, as is not as simple as grouping pages together. Some comics contain single pages and some other combine single pages with double pages in a single scan.

Can’t give you a time-frame but is something that will come to Panels shortly.

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Thanks! That’s good enough for me.

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