Titles no longer readable in panels

I have a number of cbz files that panels read a few weeks ago that are now showing up as a white box with dog eared corner and unreadable, there are some other comics that are showing s a dark grey box, also not readable. Again, these were readable a few weeks go. I deleted the file from my iPad 13 and uploaded the files again and I get the same problem on my iPad, but the files do work on my computer. I got this one in a humble bundle, though it is a book, it is all jpegs zipped together like a comic. I guess the dimensions are a bit different, more like a magazine format, and I have plenty of magazine size comic files working in here, so what is going on?

Anybody out there?

Same issue here, stuff that was fine before can’t be opened, white thumbnail. The same files work great in other readers. I submitted a couple emails but heard nothing. Holidays maybe?

Sorry folks. It’s been a rough few weeks lately and we’ve been a bit disconnected. On top of that, we had a problem with our email provider and we found out today that we haven’t received emails in the last week :sweat:

Please, if you are waiting for a reply, re-send the email(s) so we can make sure we answer properly. :pray:

About the files, that’s really weird. Could you share some of those with us? :pray:

I’ve resent my email and shared a few examples. Thanks for looking into this!

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This morning I found and fixed the issue! Thank you @Mikeb71 for the files :pray:

I still don’t know whether or not was caused by a change in iOS 16… but the problem was that we were using an incorrect function to concatenate binary data. That code has been working in production for the last two years without a problem :man_shrugging: So I assume something changed in iOS 16 and it stopped working. Worse of all… it seems to only affect some files. I haven’t had any problems with any of my files.

Anyway, It’s fixed now and we will release a new Testflight build, hopefully, today.

I’ll post the link here so you can test it and let us know if it fixed the problem for you.

Thanks for the quick fix!!!

Here’s the TestFlight link

Looking forward to your feedback :wink: