Three Suggestions/Improvements I Would Really Like to See

These are the three suggestions/improvements I would really like to see in Panels:

  1. Option to change the single tap to double tap to see the page you are in overall from (see screenshot)
  2. Ability to Bookmark
  3. Ability to disable clicking on the scrollbar in the “Vertical Scroll” mode. I’ve found that far too often I accidentally click on the scrollbar, and it sends me back to the beginning of the webtoons/comics I’m reading.

I think these would make Panels the perfect iOS/iPadOS Comic Reader app for me.

Hello @Ramp

Thank you for joining our community.

About your suggestions:

  1. We are rethinking a few things on our readers. We will introduce some changes. Right now we are focusing on improving the library, and after that we will focus on the reading experience.
  2. It is in our roadmap already
  3. Agree, we should remove that and this should be a simple fix. I will try to add that to our next release.


Thank you so much, victor, for the quick response :slight_smile: Really appreciate it! I love Panels :slight_smile:

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