Text recognition with voice

I read a personal twitter comment from victor about voice recognition of text and was amazed. when will this feature be introduced? what devices will be available with this functionality?

Hello @daheemuu
I am glad that you liked it. However, as my tweet said this was just an experiment. I read that iOS13 OCR (via Vision framework) was vastly improved and I wanted to test it. I did that in under 2 hours of work, not too bad.

To be honest, I am not sure if this will ever see the store. @Dani and myself sometimes like to play with things… (this is how panel-by-panel reader was born). In the past we talked about having some kind of “Panels Lab” for Premium users where we can add non-finished or out-of-the-scope features (like text recognition) so people can try them out.

The reason I am not sure if this will ever make it to the store is because I am not sure if people will really use it. It is cool, and it is a great accessibility feature, but I am not 100% sure that we should invest time and effort to make this work properly for only a few people.

The reason I tried the OCR (text recognition) was because, if it works fairly good, it can allow us to implement features like live translations or speech bubble magnification (which google does in their reader and it is really nice feature for reading in small screens like the iPhone).

So… in short, this was only a test, and if it ever becomes available it will be under some kind of “expermental feature” so Premium users can give it a try and let us know if they like it.

PS: This is the video @daheemuu was talking about:

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Wow. Awesome. I am not so much interested in dictation, but in text recognition for possible translation. Or the possibility of exporting the text in a file. I would be very interested if it is finally developed in an experimental mode.


this option, recognized lab panels (speech recognition) doesn’t work on my ipad mini 1/2. must be missing something?

Hello @echutta
You need to turn on this feature inside Panels Labs, in settings. This is only available for iOS 13 though… which I am thinking that we haven’t actually disclose it in the app.