TestFlight 2.15.0: Favourites gone?

They all say “Invalid Favourite: Unable to resolve the path for the selected favourite” when I tap on them. Should I just delete and re-create? Maybe the local storage has been reorganized?

Is it possible the original folder was moved or something? :thinking:

I’ll look into it. We haven’t changed anything in that regard.

Shouldn’t have moved — they’re all just “On My iPad”, in the root folder.

Weird :thinking:

Don’t delete them for now, or at least keep on/a few. I’ll add some logs to the next testflight build to see if I can find what’s going on.

Hi Dani,

I’ve got the latest TestFlight now, but I couldn’t see where the logs are. If you can point out where to get them, I can send them over.

Oh, no worries. I set it up so the logs get tracked as non-fatal errors on crashlytics. They will get sent to us automatically.

Simply tap on the favorite a few times to make sure we track them.
We haven’t received any, though :thinking:

What testflight build are you using?

I’m on 2.15.3; I think it’s the latest one. I just tried a few more times to access favourites, both English and Japanese folder names.

EDIT: I realize you must be after the build number. It’s 202304141409

Thanks!! Yeah! that’s the latest build.

Let’s wait a bit, sometimes it takes some time to appear on Crashlytics. Or maybe the problem is not where I thought it would be.

In the meantime, one thing we could do is generate debug data from the app. If you go to Settings and Tap+Hold con Contact Us, it will collect some data and attach it to an email. You’ll see the email in the email composer has two files attached.

Please send it to us. I might find something in it :pray:

Sent it; let me know if I can do anything else to help.

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Thank you so much! I’ve been looking into this, and I don’t have good news :sweat:

A while ago, we used to store the favorites encoding a symlink to the folder. Until we found they can easily break in some cases where iOS changes the identifier of the app sandbox. Now, we store the relative path to the sandbox, and reconstruct the full route when you try to open the favorite.

I believe some of your favorites were created before this change, and your sandbox identifier has changed, and now they fail to decode.

I’ll upload another Testflight today with more detailed logs to be sure what’s happening.

But it’s very likely the links are broken.
New favorites should be much more robust and resilient to change in the sandbox.

Oh, there are only a half dozen or so; it won’t take long to re-create them. As long as the issue has already been corrected, I’m not particularly worried about it. I’ll leave the favorites around until you say that there’s no more forensic value in them, at any rate.

Thanks for looking into it!

Thanks!! :heart:

Sorry for the inconvenience. The issue should be corrected yeah :crossed_fingers:
I left the logs in the build we are releasing shortly to get more data from the rest of the users. But, so far, we haven’t seen a case where they fail for a different reason.

I came across this thread when looking up errors with favorites in the Search.

On both my iPad and iPhone using Version 2.15.4 Build 202304190914 favorites aren’t working for me. I can make something a favorite on either device and no matter what device I favorited on, both devices produce the same error. “Invalid Favorite: Unable to resolve the path for the selected favorite.” And then the option to Delete Favorite or Cancel.

So I deleted my favorites (I only made 2 as a test) to see if I was doing something wrong. I re-added them. But only a few seconds after adding them and pressing on them from the Favorites section it still generates the same error. I tried doing this from multiple libraries/series to see if it was something wrong with the specific series I was accessing but still got the same error.

This was all done via OPDS to a Komga server.

I’m not sure what TestFlight is but I’m thinking this issue may apply here since this version is after the fix was already put in place?

Mine have all started working again for some reason.

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Thanks for flagging this @Dominick_Fair We’ll look into it. :male_detective:

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