Sync reading progress with AniList/MAL etc


Just as the title says, it would be really handy if we could mark a book as read once we complete it and update the book tracker too. Taichyomi also does this, which is a popular Android manga reader. Paperback for iOS also does this.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

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Hello @Ajay
Thank you for submitting a new feature request.
The apps that you pointed out are both open source. Services like AniList are only available for non-comercial use. We would love to add support for a tracking service but unfortunately most of them are restricted.

Ah I see. Is there a plan for adding an extensions feature? Then we could add the extension ourselves and then you could possibly argue that it’s not for profit? Also this would allow for all sorts of niches to be filled for uses quicker

We thought about adding support for user-defined extensions quite a while ago. But we put that project on hold because of two main reasons:

  • Code injection: Allowing users to program their own extensions that you can install in the app is literally code injection. This is explicitly forbidden by the AppStore guidelines and might bring us problems with Apple.
  • Copyright issues: Panels is a comic reader for DRM-free content but, obviously, we acknowledge that quite a lot of content that is read using our app might come from dubious origins. We don’t really want to know where do you get your content from. But adding support for extensions to facilitate access to potentially illegal content, would put us in an ethically complicated position. Also, might force us to have to moderate which extensions are allowed or not.

Okay that’s fair enough, thanks a lot for your detailed responses. Time to learn ios development I guess haha


It’s been like 8 months but if you ever need a partner… :eyes: