Switching back to Panels app resumes at the wrong page

Switching back from a different app in a middle of a reading session, Panels doesn’t resume from where I was reading but always continues from the middle of the book. Apart from the issue of having to go actively flip through the pages to find where I left off, it’s especially frustrating because it has the potential to(and it has) spoiled events of the stories. Please look into this as this bug makes the app almost unusable and I will be unsubscribing until it is fixed. Thank you.

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could you provide more information? It seems to be working fine to me :thinking:

What app version are you using? What reader mode? is it a local comic or streamed from an OPDS server? Is it left to right or right to left reading? iPad? iPhone? What model?

App version: 2.11.7(problem existed in the previous versions)
Local comics
Default reader mode
Right to left reading and left to right. Single page and double page mode.
iPad Pro 12.9"(4th gen) on 15.4.1(also happened in the previous versions)

We’ve tried to reproduce it with no luck.

If you could send us some of your files and a video recording of the problem, that would help us understand what’s going on.

Feel free to reach us at support@panels.app to provide this information.

I’ve got the same issue here. Often the comics page is off by 20 - 30 pages when I reopen it.
Using an iPad Pro 12.2, everything is updated ver. 2.12.2
The comic it’s doing it on now is using vertical scroll pages but it does it on others as well.

Could you install the latest 2.12.6 version and let us know if it’s fixed?
We recently were able to reproduce the issue and it should be fixed now.