Support for Komga OPDS PSE

Komga added OPDS PSE support in their latest update. However to enable support for it you add a markread=true flag into the URL.

After adding this flag you receive Panels.OPDSParserError error 1.

Komga logs show o.s.web.servlet.PageNotFound : No mapping for GET /opds/v1.2/catalog%3Fmarkread=true

Hi @Hiren

We’ll fix it in the next release, so the host can accept query params. Nevertheless, markread=true is not really required to use OPDS PSE, which we do support.

You only need markread=true to enable the server-side reading progress sync. That, we do not support. It’s a bit tricky because that feature assumes that every page the app streams should be marked as read. Panels pre-loads the adjacent pages so when you swipe to the next page it’s already loaded.

We might add support for reading progress sync with Komga in the future, but it’s very likely that we won’t do it using the server-side sync, but with their API.

For now, if you only want OPDS PSE, you can simply omit markread=true and Comics Streaming will be available from your Komga Library.

I note that Komga removed the “markread=true” feature in version 0.135 recently, along with other changes that sound like they might be a better way to achieve the same goal. Is that the case? Will the ability to record progress in Komga be returning to Panels?

The reading progress was great to have, but it didn’t last long as it doesn’t currently work with Panels and Komga 135. I hope it comes back.

We’ve never officially supported progress syncing. But it’s in our roadmap. We want to enable this feature using Komga’s API.

I can’t promise a timeframe, but we’ll do it as soon as we finish with other features that have more priority for us at the moment.


Cool, good to hear. For a brief, shining moment it all looked like it was coming together :slight_smile:. I look forward to our synchronised reading future.

Really looking forward to that either!
Are you going to implement page progress only when streaming, or also when the files are downloaded (which would be great!)