Suggestions: Disabling zoom out animations while on read

Hi! I’m week new in this app and I’m loving it so far. Already purchased the Premium. I don’t know if this was already on the app but I’m hoping if you could add some options to disable the zoom out animations while reading.
I’m talking about the one if you tap the middle screen to select different Reading mode or just back to library while you are reading. It seems sometimes it’s lagging on my device every time I accidentally tap my screen and it keeps zooming out the interfaces.

And also if possible can you add screen lock, like if we want to read it on landscape even though the screen lock on devices was off so the display does not going back to portrait unless you unlock the screen lock on app itself

Welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:
That “all pages” screen will be redesigned in the future. Is one of the oldest screens of the app and we have some ideas on how to make it better. Along with the new design we will definitely work on make it more responsive.
We take note about the lock screen request.
Thank you for your feedback!