Suggestion: Separation lines

Hello! I love Panels, and i ve a suggestion than i think will make 10x times better the app. Please try to remove white lines between images in standard view and reading in horizontal. An example

The real reason why I prefer Panels over reading in any website in vertical, is because when you read in horizontal, you can see both panels. its just amazing!

Maybe u could try to make it automatic, like with Panels View (sounds hard to teach the algorithm), but if there is a button to make it manually would be nice too.

Thanks for your time and work!

Hello @NightCoss

Just so I can understand, this image you posted is 1 image, right? The white line is part of the original jpeg.

Not a bad request, it kind of aligns with past requests of removing borders from pages. It is not an easy task but something we’d tackle in the future.

Thanks for your suggestion and your kind words!

Nop, it isnt part of original jpg. There are 2 imagen. I have other mangas where White lines is part of scanning, and its okay bc normally its a very thin line.

Removing borders would do the job, so, I supports the idea.

Have a good day :slight_smile: