Suggestion - Have cover images fade if they are 'marked as read'

It would make browsing larger libraries easier to determine what hasn’t been read or finished yet. The Progress Bar viability option is okay, but a little subtle at a glance.


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If so, then it should only be an option for those who want that.
For me, my collection is mostly an archive of the comics I love, I have had read most of them several times, and I know which I haven´t read, when I add new ones. I really don´t need that function, for me it would be even really unwanted to see greyed out covers at all.
But for some, who constantly read new comics, and for whom Panels is more a reader than an archive, it might be useful.
So, just reminding there are different kinds of users, as one usually only sees one´s own kind and its needs :wink:

Personally I also use Panels as somewhat of a collection archive as well (less so then I did Chunky the Next Generation which would show your entire Ubooquity server library, even if not downloaded. Now there’s a feature I’m sure everyone would be down for), but greyed out covers wouldn’t bother me so much. But I agree, like the progress bar, it should be optional for personal preference.

Your absolutely right, many of us use Panels in different ways. As luck would have it, I use the app similarly to how James uses it and second his suggestion.

I thank the developers for listening to our suggestions and for finding ways to incorporate them where possible. I’m sure it’s hard and sometimes thankless to try to be a Swiss army app for comic book readers. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

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