Suggestion: Collections icon match collection sort

Sorting collections by reverse alphabetical, the icon that currently shows is the oldest comic icon. Could the collection icon instead be the first item in the collection? Then it would, in this case, always have the most up-to-date comic on the front.

Does your collection contain nested collections?

Collections icon match the internal sorting, but there are some edge cases with internal collections that are quite expensive to calculate and might not show the content you would expect…

Nope, no nested collections. The collections icon only matches the manual sorting for me - it doesn’t change if I change the sorting of the collection.

You are absolutely right. I forgot that we had to change this recently. It matches the manual sorting.
This is because, with the introduction of nested folders, it’s quite expensive to calculate each folder’s miniatures on the fly. So they need to be pre-calculated. Also, sorting is applied globally to the whole library, not to a specific folder. This means that we would have to update all of the thumbnails of all of the folders in the app every time the sort criteria changes. Which would be extremely expensive.

For a while, we’ve been thinking of allowing to individually sort folders. We’ll probably do that and that would indirectly solve the issue you’re having. You could sort your folder in reverse alphabetical mode and the app could pre-calculate the thumbnails for that particular sort mode.

It shouldn’t be too complicated to implement.

I’ll try to add it in one of the upcoming versions.