[Suggestion] A realistic comic page flipping animation

Hello, all! First of, I want to thank the team who is working on Panels. It’s a fantastic, well developed app that has allowed me to read my favorite comics with ease. I’m happily a Panels Premium member, and couldn’t be happier.
After some use, I’ve felt like I’m missing that feeling of actually turning pages. Apps like ‘Books’, from Apple, and Kindle, from Amazon, have this animation built in to their reading experience. Could this animation be added as a toggle for different reading options in a future update?

Finally, I wanted to ask, will ‘Sign in with Apple’ be added as another option for logging in within the app, after iOS 13 releases publicly?

Much thanks! Muchas gracias!


Hello @GreedoShotLast
Thank you for your kind words. A realistic comic page flipping animation has been considered a few times, I agree it would be a nice to have but at this point we do have other important features to focus on. Also introducing a flipping animation would mean dealing with some other complexity like handle multiple and fast taps to flip pages. Although it is possible, it is not a straight-forward thing to add. But thank you for suggesting it.

About the Sign with Apple button, we haven’t actually started dealing with iOS13 as we have been away during the holidays. Apple will require this button to all apps in the store that offer any kind of “sign in with …”, so yes we will implement it at some point in the future :slight_smile: