Sugerencias Lector

Kind regards, I have been using this great application for about 1 year and it seems great, in that sense I would like to suggest some suggestions and see the implementation probabilities, especially in the application reader, which is where the least changes, I consider, It has been realized:

  1. Within the panel-by-panel view mode there is the possibility of having a general view of the page when moving to a new page before the panel mode loads (I know if I explain myself well)
    2. The possibility of changing reading modes through gestures (2 touches, 3 touches, 1 slide, etc), because it happens to me that sometimes I am in panel by panel mode and when I turn a page (which has this mode well defined reading) to another (which does not have it) and that x therefore the panel-by-panel reading mode takes the entire page as a single panel I find myself in the cumbersome obligation of having to change to another reading mode using both or three steps to do.
    3. Improve the panel-by-panel reading mode, I know it is in beta and may never be modified, but it would be great to know that this mode is capable of being activated on all types of pages, especially those where there are overlapping panels about others.

I would appreciate your comments and congratulations on the great job you have been doing.

Thank you so much for all the feedback @Juan_Carlos_Tirado_R.

  1. We are planning to implement something like this in the future.
  2. All the readers have a quick shortcut to show the readers selector on the upper right corner of the screen. We are reluctant to add complex gesture shortcuts because they are hard to discover and have very low affordability. Hopefully, the existent shortcut will be enough for your use case.
  3. Yep. we keep working on it, but it’s not as easy as it might sound. This is the main reason it’s still in beta. Detecting the panels is a pretty challenging problem to solve. But we keep improving it from time to time.

Thanks again for all the support.

Un saludo!