Storage inconsistencies

I’m having an issue where iOS seems to think Panels is using nearly 10GB of space, but Panels thinks it’s only using 3.3MB.

I do not store any comics locally, I stream via Komga OPDS.

I have tried the various options under Panels manage storage screen, but no luck.

The only way I can address this currently is deleting and reinstalling the app.

Any ideas?

The latest version 3.2.1 improves this by including temporary files and network caches in the “Clear Cache” action.

Those 10GB you mention are temporary caches that are automatically released under disk space pressure. iOS clears the automatically when needed. But since 3.2.1, you can manually force the deletion.

iOS was not doing a good job clearing those caches :smiley:

I’ll keep an eye out for that update, thank you!