Space bar between pages

Hi guys,

Your app is really great thanks, but can you make the space bar between pages a little bigger while in vertical scrolling mode ?

Currently it’s a bit tiny and sometimes the bar is tiniest than the bars used to cut the panels by the mangaka, which is confusing.

For instance, the apple book spacer are really good, thic enoug, the mangadex website has large spacers too.

I couldn’t find an app doing this like so, it’s either there is none, or really tiny.

Can you do something about it ? Or making people could choose the space they want ?

Thanks :wink:

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll take it into consideration.

To be honest, the recommended way for using the vertical scroll is to not have a separator at all (you can enable/disable it from settings).

I just gave vertical scroll in Apple Books a look and I like it. But they took a more skeuomorphic approach and pages look like actual pages and they have a shadow underneath.

We’ll probably take a simpler approach but we’ll look into it.

Thanks for your reply,

Sometimes in vertical scroll the screen can be really messy if there is no propre separations between the panels and i do think that the ones used by Apple Books are the best size (apart for the design).

Thanks anyway :wink:


I just installed the new version of the app and I just wanted to say thank you for adding a thick/thin bar option between pages :wink:

Was really surprised you did it so quick !

Thanks again :slight_smile:

:raised_hands: @Bellisae no problem. it was easy to implement :wink:

I forgot to let you know, sorry. I was planning to post something in this thread to announce it was implemented. Thanks for the feedback!