Sorting and filtering

Hi, thanks for creating the Panels app. I really enjoy it and already bought the version 3 one-time purchase.

I read my comics using Komga but unfortunately there is no option to sort or filter (sort by newest, release date… or hide already read comics) my comics in Panels. I think that‘s a basic functionality and I was a bit surprised I can‘t do it.

Unfortunately, OPDS does not have a way to change the order of the content of a feed.

Panels does have support for sorting local or iCloud libraries, but given that Komga connector uses the OPDS feed, we can’t support sorting.

Could the OPDS data be stored in a temporary cache file or database that can then be filtered? The cached data could be regularly updated with the OPDS data from the server.

That would be quite fragile and a huge source of complexity for us.

It’s better to implement that on the server side.