Some PDFs are cut and seem wrong oriented

When importing some pdf magazines they look like are read in the wrong orientation and are severely cut left and top.

Am I missing any possible setup to resolve this issue?


Hi @arielo

Could you share with us one of those pdfs?
Our pdf support is a bit basic and we might not be handling some of them correctly. Feel free to DM us with a link to download the file. A Dropbox/GoogleDrive/wetransfer/… share would work.

Thank you very much! Here you go @dani


Thank you! @arielo

We had a bug calculating PDF pages rotation.
The next version will include a fix for this issue.
Unfortunately, comics thumbnails are cached and there’s no easy way to fix them automatically. But we’ll add a new option in Settings to re-generate all the thumbnails so you can do it manually.

@dani AMAZING. You guys earned one more premium customer after this kind of support + feedback. The app is great and thanks again! can’t wait for the update =)