Some improvement suggestions for reading, importing, sorting, design

Hello, first thanks for this great new comic reader, it´s fresh and modern, so I downloaded it and I am in the 5 days test period right now. Even though I am considering buying it I noticed a few things that I think could be improved or are errors. I will list them here now but if it would be helpful for better overview I can separate them into different topics. Just tell me :slight_smile:

  1. In the reading window I miss an option to really quickly go to a certain page, because scrolling through all 260 pages of a thicker comic (especially if it contains multiple stories/chapers) to get to a later page is quite dragging. So a quick scroll bar would be nice. Maybe using the already existing line showing the reading progress on the low end of the screen could be a solution.

  2. Importing comics seems to be interrupted when leaving the app or even going to another area in the app. When importing a big bunch of books this can be very annoying. I had to look up the ones that had not be imported yet and start the process again for only those, since I could not just select all again as the app is just overwriting without asking and I can not save time by at least the app asking me if I want to overwrite or skip the already existing comics. Also I always have to look for the folder in my Dropbox again, the app doesn´t remember my comic folder there.
    So it would be great if the app would be able to continue import in background and to have more import functions (asking for handling already existing files and remembering last folder).

  3. After importing more comics into a specific collection I noticed they didn´t get sorted alphabetically, so I had to drag and drop them to the right position in the list each seperately, that´s very annoying. There should be a function to sort the collection. There could be different categories, like alphabetically according to filename (mine are not tagged), and according to tags (release date, title number in series etc)

  4. When pressing the “+” to import comics while being in a collection I still get asked if I want to import the selected comics in to a collection (“Yes! That´s why I pressed the + while being in one specific!!” :wink: ).

  5. When trying to drag and drop a comic to a different position in the list I noticed that it is impossible to get up in the list again when having the comic “stuck” to my finger. Only scrolling down is possible.

  6. I notice that many covers are missing in one of my series, even though the file contains the cover (tagged as front cover). Also in reading mode I can not see it, the page is missing even though it is definitely in the file. See attached picture! How can I solve this?

    (Those black/white pictures are not the actual covers, but the second page in the respective cbr file)

  7. In the collections overview the space between the lines is far too big. When having a lot of collections this is wasted space and too little overview.

  8. Someone already asked for folders in which several collections can be put, I would also like that. I could for example make a folder “Disney”, and put all the different collections that I have with Disney comics in that.

That´s all what´s coming to my mind about your elsewise amazing app for now, thank you very much for paying attention to the customers’ opinions and suggestions, keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Hello @silberschwarz
First of all, my apologies. Both me and Daniel were away for a few days and could not get back to you sooner. Your feedback is amazing and we really appreciate that you took some time to write it.

  1. It was already in our roadmap, and it is nice when user requests are aligned with our vision. The idea would be to use the bottom bar as you mentioned, however, we want to make sure it does not interfere with the iPhone X bottom bar (used for switching between apps when sliding sideways).

  2. Also on our roadmap. Totally agree that downloads/imports should not stop while going to background.

  3. That shouldn’t happen and we will look into it. Comics should be sorted alphabetically by default.

  4. Agree, it should not ask you when importing from a collection.

  5. That is clearly a bug. As a workaround (on the meantime) you can use another finger to scroll up while dragging.

  6. This is very weird and should not happen… could please send us one of those files so we can take a look? You can send it to

  7. This feature has been requested a few times and we need to discuss it internally… it is not easy to fit with our current design and codebase. It requires many big changes and we are still debating if the effort compensates the benefit.

Again, thank you very much for your comments. You should see some of your points fixed in the next versions.

Hello victor! Thanks a lot for your answers! It´s great how you are openly communicating with the community here!
Also sorry from my side for coming back a little later. But noticed the updates were coming and I wanted to test those first.


  1. quick scroll bar combined with position indicator works marvellously! Great!

  2. Importing comics continues while app is in background now, perfect!
    But still it would be great if in case I do a bulk import the app would be asking me if I want to overwrite existing ones or not. This would save a lot of time when wanting to import large numbers of issues from a series by just marking the whole folder which contains some new issues, because a) I don´t have to check myself which ones are already imported as b) the app will recognize for me and won´t waste time downloading the existing files again.

  3. My problem with comics imported into a collection not being sorted into the existing ones alphabetically (see screenshot below) seems to be only with a certain series, while with other series it works. Could it be that as a cbr it must have issue number tags to be sorted correctly? I am asking because that problematic series consists of cbr files with no tags at all, there´s just the file name to sort by. Another series that has issue number tagged is being sorted on import. With pdf files it´s also working fine. If that´s the problem it would be good if the app would just use the file name to sort on import if there are no tags.

  4. That hasn´t changed yet, guess you look into that later? But it´s not a big issue.

  5. ok, yes! And it´s even faster like that than doing it the usual way (= just pulling the list up or down with the selected file pushed to upper or lower corner), especially if you use two hands. That multitap/gesture function is amazing!

  6. I figured it out, the cover page jpg in the respective cbr archives is wrongly named and I can correct that by myself. Thanks for your offer though, that´s very kind!

  7. Still I think that could be improved (space between entries in collection overview list can be smaller to save space and view more collections).

  8. That´s fine. Think about it and if you come up with a good solution I´d be glad (and others too obviously). But it´s not super urgent.

Thanks a lot for the improvements, looking forward to what´s still to come and enjoying using your app in the meantime!